Small Handbag with Studded Strap, Black
Small Handbag with Studded Strap, Black
Small Handbag with Studded Strap, Black
Small Handbag with Studded Strap, Black

Campomaggi | Small Handbag with Studded Strap, Black

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Piece-dyed natural cowhide, magnetic and button fastening, an interchangeable leather cross-body strap, lined inner pockets both open and zipped. Studded strap detail can be switched out for plain black leather (included). Removable pouch (buttons in). Comes with a leather detailing kit and Campomaggi storage bag.

Crafted in Italy, Campomaggi is the scent of leather, absolute protagonist of each collection, it is the ability of working hands, it is the old and noble art of craftsmanship.

Driven by the idea of creating bags and accessories that mirror his philosophy, Marco Campomaggi thinks, dreams and designs collections which combine the ancient art of treating leather with creativity, precision and painstaking care in craftsmanship.

Each Campomaggi bag tells a story. Accuracy, care, attention and dedication are fundamental ingredients when creating the first prototype of each new model: a very delicate phase, the first step in transforming an idea into something tangible.

For conserving your Campomaggi accessory is recommended to keep it in a dry place and away from sunlight as the sun's rays may change the color of the leather. Do not leave it in contact with moisture for a long time and do not use any type of detergent to wash it. After prolonged disuse, use a cotton or wool dry cloth over the leather to restore its beauty and shine.

The leather used for Campomaggi accessories is very easy to clean: simply brush it with a damp cloth to make out its color and shine. Please avoid washing your accessory at home and avoid using any detergents because these systems may damage leather or tissue details. Please always refer to a reliable laundry service that can clean leather and tissue goods. Please remember to check the result of any treatment in a small and hidden section of the bag to avoid damages on the whole bag.

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