Bedtime Spray, 50ml

Voyage et Cie | Bedtime Spray, 50ml

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Sweet dreams are made of this.

Our hand crafted nighttime spray blends ylang ylang, rose otto, and roman chamomile to calm breathing, with a dash of vètiver to ground emotions for a good night’s sleep.

*We recommend Lepidolite for sleep, because chances are you are having trouble sleeping, due to something on your mind that is making you anxious. Lepidolite soothes energies , fear of change, ADHD, PTSD, and general anxiety. Lepidolite contains small amounts of lithium that reduces anxiety, balances you and brings peace of mind.

50ml glass spray.

Our glass is an exceptional container that preserves and adds vitality + energy to the contents inside. This bottle is biophotonic, which means the electromagnetic waves of UVA and FAR infrared are able to penetrate through the glass and enhance the contents, while the harmful rays from the light spectrum are completely blocked. This unique combination allows for optimal protection against the aging process, thus considerably preserving and increasing the potency and lushness of the botanicals.

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