Lambskin Plush Pumpkin, FIRE
Lambskin Plush Pumpkin, FIRE
Lambskin Plush Pumpkin, FIRE

Plush Pumpkin | Lambskin Plush Pumpkin, FIRE

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Every original plush pumpkin product is meticulously hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind, designed to add the perfect accessory to your home. Plush Pumpkin uses real pumpkin, gourd and squash stems, harvested by hand from local farms.

  • Made with Italian Lambskin and a real stem
  • Made in USA

Established in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 2002 and born from a vision to create an elegant, one-of-a-kind autumn centerpiece. Founder Monya Kampa hand-stitched her first pumpkin with a swatch of velvet and the stem of an expired Halloween pumpkin.

Woman-owned and women-run, each piece is a tactile redesign of nature’s brief display of flora in its prime. Plush Pumpkin's artisans have dedicated countless hours to inventing and perfecting the techniques and craftmanship used today. The construction of every design encompasses a creation process taking up to a year to master; each hand stitch has a function and exquisiteness in crafting every perfectly pleated velvet fold.

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