Allie Nini

Allie Nini

What is your Why?

My Why is being able to make connections with people. From work and into my personal life, I love to make connections with people and learn more about their life. I think a simple compliment or taking the time to ask someone about their day can really turn someone’s day around. Making personal connections with people is really why I love what I do in my work life. I love hearing about our amazing clients and their lives. Anything from birthdays, to upcoming milestone events, I love helping them find the perfect outfit and helping them celebrate.

How did COVID 19 impact your business and family life?

COVID really put things in perspective at home and at work. I remember working the last Saturday in the store with Miranda. The tone and energy was low, and our clients and everyone around us could feel it.  We all knew that a change in our lives as we knew it was coming. I went home that evening, and saw all these major retailers closing, and I was FREAKING out. I was out of work for a few weeks, however, Miranda’s drive to keep THREAD going during this time was amazing. We started selling masks, and we had hundreds of orders coming in weekly. I called Miranda, knowing she would need help. We made a shift with the time, and were selling masks like crazy! She and I would go in, try to organize all the orders and ship them out or drop them off at people's houses. Our clients really were a huge reason why we were able to open back up in June. Those orders helped us so much during a crazy time. In my personal life, COVID really just made me take a pause and appreciate my friends and family in my life. Instead of being go, go, go, I got to really have some great, intimate times with my friends and family that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise. 

What is the best piece of advice you have received from a woman throughout your career?

THREAD really has been my first real job, and I have learned so much from Miranda throughout. I would say the best piece of advice I have received from her is how to create an amazing team culture, and to motivate our team members. Really being able to recognize the hard work from our team, and being able to learn more about them, not just at work, is so important to creating a good team culture. A healthy team culture makes a healthy business. 

Do you have a hidden talent?

No! I wish I had a hidden talent. What you see is what you get here :)

What’s one shopping trend you could live without?

One shopping trend I could live without is probably fast fashion. Instead of buying mindless items, really taking the time to find great pieces to add to your wardrobe. 

How do you strike a balance between trendy and and timeless?

To strike a balance between trendy and timeless fashion, you really need to take a good look at your wardrobe. Your timeless pieces should be a great pair of jeans, white tee, leather jacket and blazers, and use those pieces as the base of your wardrobe. Then you can add your fun trendy pieces as accessories. Adding a fun bag, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. can really mix up your looks and make it fun!

What trend should people keep in mind while shopping for next year?

Glam and dressing up! The art of dressing up is back after COVID. The roaring 20’s style in some ways. I have seen silk, lace, faux fur, fun colors, and more looks from designers this year. I think everyone will be ready to put their best look forward. 

#1 Style tip for getting dressed in the morning,

My #1 style tip is to have some outfits already banked in your head. My friends and family make fun of me, but when I buy new pieces, I love to go home and try to make at least 3 different outfits with it. Trying it on with different pants or tops, trying to figure out all the different ways and occasions I can wear it. This all helps me in the future and for getting ready, so I am not stressed when trying to pick out outfits. 

#1 in your closet right now. 

I love a great blazer. I would say I kind of have a more city edgy style. And adding a blazer, in my opinion, can always make an outfit look cool. 

How did your own parents inspire you?

My parents have inspired me in a lot of ways. I think the best way my parents have inspired me by is the art of working hard. They showed me this from a young age, from sports and to some of my first jobs. When you do something, give it all of your effort.