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France Travel Guide Newsletter
Paris During our stay in Paris, we stayed at the Saint James Hotel, a historic establishment with a fascinating past. Originally serving as the site of the first Parisian balloon landing field in 1892, it later transformed into an art...
About - Zahava
Meet the Zahava Jewelry Line: Zahava (Golden, in Hebrew) comes from an exploration of identity and spiritual connection in a modern world. Inspired by ancient wisdom, our collection of Gold Jewelry and Brass Ritual objects is crafted by hand as modern heirlooms, to be passed on from woman to woman. Based in New York with a global mindset, each piece is designed with the intention of elevating your celebrations -- a coming of age moment, a dinner together, or just a moment in time.
Best of Los Angeles
THREAD has curated a guide to our favorite spots in Los Angeles! From where we like to stay to our favorite spots to shop, we have you covered for your next vacation. Where to stay: Hotel Figueroa One of our...