France Travel Guide Newsletter

France Travel Guide Newsletter


During our stay in Paris, we stayed at the Saint James Hotel, a historic establishment with a fascinating past. Originally serving as the site of the first Parisian balloon landing field in 1892, it later transformed into an art school, where students both studied and lived. Since the 1980s, it has been operating as a hotel. The hotel is on the right bank of Paris and is tucked away from the Main Street, giving it a very secluded feel. We enjoyed our time here and the hotel staff was amazing!


Our favorite dining experience took place at Les Deux Margot, a renowned restaurant that has been open since 1812. This iconic establishment has been a gathering place for numerous famous artists and singers. We had a late lunch on their patio. For those planning to visit during peak hours, we highly recommend making reservations. The patio has a fabulous view of the city and they have a great selection of beverages as well as perfect portions for sharing.


If you're keen on shopping, Le Bon Marché is a must-visit. This expansive department store features three levels of both men's and women’s clothing, jewelry, and home goods. It was amazing to browse through and see all of the diverse brands that they carry. We could have spent hours in there; definitely a delight for us!


We also visited the DIOR museum: an experience that ended up being one of our favorite parts of Paris! Even if you aren't particularly interested in fashion, the museum shows the journey through the brand's history and its iconic rise to fame.


South of France

Saint Paul De Vence

Saint Paul is believed to have been settled in the 10th century during the reign of King Louis III. This medieval village is surrounded by a stone wall, which once served as a protective fortress. The town itself offers breathtaking views of the countryside. Throughout the town, there are so many wonderful tiny shops, with our personal favorite being Maison Godet, a perfumery that has been crafting scents since 1901. These scents are uniquely composed using elements from the town. For dining, we highly recommend visiting La Petite Chapelle, a charming restaurant set in an old chapel, offering delectable cuisine and a fantastic view overlooking the town.


Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez hosts an extraordinary market on Saturday mornings that's an absolute must-visit. Strolling through the market, you'll see a selection of very diverse vendors and unique items for sale. The town also provides excellent shopping, from high-end boutiques to charming little shops. Located along the marina, you'll find a plethora of waterfront restaurants, perfect for enjoying a meal while taking in the beautiful sights of the Mediterranean Sea.




Saint-Rémy is a hidden gem that left a lasting impression on us. This town is remarkable and almost seems like a scene from a movie; it was truly beautiful. We discovered a delightful cheese shop where we had some of the best cheese we've ever tasted. The shop also offers delectable homemade pasta that was simply delicious. Saint-Rémy is the ideal destination for leisurely strolls, as it was not crowded and you can soak in the town's charm at your own pace.

Thank you for all the love and support we are so excited for you all to shop the amazing pieces we brought back!




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