Zahava (Golden, in Hebrew) comes from an exploration of identity and spiritual connection in a modern world. Inspired by ancient wisdom, our collection of Gold Jewelry and Brass Ritual objects is crafted by hand as modern heirlooms, to be passed on from woman to woman. Based in New York with a global mindset, each piece is designed with the intention of elevating your celebrations -- a coming of age moment, a dinner together, or just a moment in time.


Jewelry & Sustainability

Ethically produced by global metalsmiths in Tel Aviv and Jaipur, our Jewelry is crafted in 10k Gold, evocative of antique amulets from another time and place.

Every element of our designs is cast separately, and all assembly, stone setting and finishing is done by hand by master craftsmen. Our gold is purchased through a government recognized source, and our stones are conflict free.

By infusing objects with meaning, we hope to inspire you to adorn in ideas from the past, connection to the present, and the individual dreams that shape your future.

THE COLLECTION - Objects with meaning

Animal and botanical symbols with the meaning engraved on the back.

product image - tt with birdie Travelers Tokens symbols

Let us mark the month, day and year of your most meaningful date in gold, and mark it with a diamond or birthstone.

charm bracelet

charm necklace


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