Kate McLean

Kate McLean

What is your WHY?

My family. I want to my kids to see a strong mother who tries her best to balance family, friendships, working, and giving back to the community. I want my husband to feel supported and appreciated and I want to feel fulfilled myself. It’s hard to balance life but I hope my family sees me trying to give it my best shot!

How did COVID-19 impact your business and family life?

It definitely made us slow down (way down for a while!) and appreciate time together more. We have come out of it learning that it’s ok to say “no”; not take on too much and make smarter choices with our time.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received as a woman throughout your career?

Always look at the company. As a woman, I think this is even more important. How is the business run? What are the company values; do they align with yours? How do they treat their employees? I truly believe the best companies are those that put their employees first.

Do you have a hidden talent?

I’ve been know to drop a pretty mean “worm” on the dance floor. 😂

What’s one shopping trend we could all live without?

Socks with flip flops.

How do you strike a balance between trendy and timeless?

Neutrals! Black, white and tan.

What trend should people keep in mind while shopping for next year?

Layering! Wraps and layering jackets - watch out for these this Fall!

#1 style tip for getting dressed in the morning?

Dress for yourself. If you’re comfortable and dress for your own style, you’ll feel great and be confident all day!

#1 thing to have in your closet right now?

With Summer coming up, a good pair of white denim is a MUST!

What do you do or say to your children to inspire them? How did your own parents inspire you?

My boys are 5 and 6. Before school each day we remind them “be kind, use your manners, have fun, and be a leader” and we hope we are examples of that for them.