Miranda Boyle

Miranda Boyle

What is your Why?

My Why is to be a good example for my three beautiful girls so that they know that they can do anything they set their minds to. That hard work is rewarded, being kind, being thoughtful, and being a great leader is the most fulfilling achievement.

I have dyslexia and school was always so difficult, but with retail everything clicked and was easy. It made sense to me, and made me feel like I was successful at something.

Why did you become an entrepreneur?

I became an entrepreneur by stroke of luck. I would say I intended to start THREAD as a part-time business and it ended up being a full-time love. I had no idea what I was stepping into - how hard and difficult being an entrepreneur can be and how wonderful it can be. I feel so fortunate to be an entrepreneur and I wouldn’t change any part of it.

I’m also lucky enough to come from a family of entrepreneurs, although when I was little I had no idea what an incredible thing this was…. I thought it was how everyone’s family was.

What is your biggest failure?

Wow that’s a hard one. This going to sound cliché but I actually am thankful for my failures. I’ve had lots, but the knowledge and the information that you get from your failures give you such great insight into your success. I actually think you have to have lots of failures to be successful


What is your advice for female entrepreneurs?

I would tell them to be themselves and not feel like you have to fit into a mold of what somebody wants you to be. We can be ourselves, we can be true to ourselves, and we can still be super successful in business.

I would also tell them that all the times that you maybe got told that you were bossy in life - it’s not a negative thing. It gives you the strength to be that fierce women entrepreneur.

What are three tools you can’t live without?

Daily greatness ( planner )

Headspace ( app )

Traction ( book )

How do you keep a balance between work and home ?

I think if you’re a good leader you can get this balance. You have to surround yourself with compassionate, caring, business minded folks. They will help you have that balance, and if you make it part of the reason for the Why of your  company it weaves in and becomes a priority.

How did COVID-19 impact your business and family life?

Where to start with COVID. I learned a lot about the company, myself, my family, and the word ‘grit’ during COVID. My husband being in the restaurant business and me being being in retail, our entire life literally changed overnight. But we came through it. We came through it stronger, with lots of great memories of times we had with the kids that we otherwise would not have had. And I realized and refocused and re-energized the company to come through and to continue stronger than we were when we went into COVID.