Sirena Symonds

Sirena Symonds

What is your WHY?

My lifestyle and work have always coincided in a way that’s been perfect for me. I love being able to be myself & share my personal style not only at home but in boutique! It’s an added bonus to be able to work with women who share appreciation of the same fashions etc. I’ve learned so much working at THREAD and have been re-introduced in some ways into the world of fashion and brands that I personally cannot live without! I get excited to show and share that with our clients.

How did COVID-19 impact your business and family life?

COVID-19 had a huge role in many of our lives this past year. I feel that it made me appreciate the small things not only at home but also in my career choice. I feel as a nation we were able to reflect on our purpose in both family life and work! I think the ability to work from home saved many jobs and brought my (family especially) closer together.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received as a woman throughout your career?

20ft of opportunity.

Do you have a hidden talent?

Ice skating

What’s one shopping trend we could all live without?

Zoom Tops

How do you strike a balance between trendy and timeless?

A timeless piece definitely is going to have quality & allure that a trendy piece may not have.

What trend should people keep in mind while shopping for next year?

I’m a huge Bridgerton fan & I’m forecasting a lot of nods towards the early 19th century styles.

#1 style tip for getting dressed in the morning?

Remember that it’s a head to toe look! So be sure to complete your outfit with a fabulous pair of shoes & accessories, don’t be afraid to layer (even in the summer) and don’t forget to style your hair accordingly!

#1 thing to have in your closet right now?

Skin tone casual strappy heel !! It literally goes with everything! Shorts with a white tee & a light weight blazer OR a band tee off the shoulder with flare jeans etc!

What do you do or say to your children to inspire them? How did your own parents inspire you?

Give your best at anything & everything you do. If you should fall get up and try again.