Meet Pluma Jewelry Designer Treffry Caldwell


We asked Treffry Caldwell, designer of Pluma Jewelry, where she gets her inspiration, her start and her gorgeous stones. 

Q: When and how did Pluma jewelry begin?

 Pluma began when I found myself needing a creative outlet. It started out very small and just for fun about seven years ago.  I was just making jewelry for myself to wear and found myself owning more than I needed but still wanting to make more.  

After realizing that I should try selling my work, I started doing art shows with a fun and energetic cousin in Atlanta. We had a blast together and still occasionally get to do a reunion.  

I’ll never forget how amazing it felt at that first show to have someone love something you created.  The truth is that I still make what I love and only what I would want to wear.

Q: What is your jewelry made from and where do you find your units?

Gemstones and geodes make up the collections. I am lucky enough to be able to meet with the vendors/dealers that bring them directly from their countries of origin.

It makes for a very eclectic buying trip.  I usually have to really listen to their English through very thick accents and we manage to communicate and figure it out.  It is pretty hilarious actually. 

The geodes and gemstones are mined  all over the world–Russia, Brazil, India, Africa and I use them in their raw state.

They are never treated or dyed and sometimes it is unbelievable that a stone can be such a vibrant color right out of the ground.  I search and search for them, I fall in love and often it is hard to part with them. 

Q: What inspires you to create?

The geodes and the gemstones. I can’t get enough. 

Q:  What are some of your favorite pieces?

I adore the deep blue azurite from Siberia as a pendant then I layer it with a big chunky plain gold chain.  I love wearing those two long necklaces and then adding a smaller more delicate short necklace for sparkle up near the face.  A big gold link bracelet and a geode ring and I’m out the door.

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