THREAD Video Premier!

Exciting news!

 THREAD has created our first ever style video for the Summer 2013 Collection.

Thread Summer Collection 2013 from Trevor Boyle on Vimeo.

“Everyone involved is so creative and lovely which is the atmosphere I live for – creative people making it happen!”

–Amy Crandall

For our video premier we interviewed the star of the video, Amy Crandall.

THREAD: First of all, THREAD loves working with you!  We always have a great time when you are on set.  What did you like about being on set of THREAD’s first video shoot?

Amy: Thank you!  I adore working with the THREAD team!  We had such a great time on set – so many fun personalities just listening to great music and dancing the day away!  I’m certain I had a smile on my face the whole day!

THREAD: What was the most challenging part of shooting the video?  Was it difficult to understand the video crew’s direction and vision?

Amy:  The direction of the shoot was crystal clear.  We had a creative meeting beforehand, so we were all organized and on the same page.  Trevor’s creative direction and Brad’s amazing shooting style made the production mesh incredibly well.

THREAD:  What was your favorite item to wear during the video shoot?

Amy:  Obviously the Rebecca Minkoff shoes were star of the video and so much fun to play in!  I also loved the 813 Ottotradeci scarf which was utilized in such creative ways!  Every piece I wore had such a unique and gorgeous quality to it- as everything does at THREAD.  It’s what makes THREAD special!

Thread on Grandview

Producer: Miranda Boyle & Sara Guice

Producer / Director / Editor: Trevor Boyle

Cinematographer: Bradley Stonesifer
Model: Amy Crandall
‘Trevor’s Song’ Performed & Written by: Chelsea Burgin & Chris Steris
Mastered by Mark Pasternack
Grip & Electric: Aaron Vaughn
Wardrobe: Amber Keuhn, Samantha Moffett, Kelli Ciola
Hair Stylist: Erin Tribbie
Makeup by Melinda Baldy
Editing & Effects by Justin Jones
Special Thanks: Kevin McIntyre
Special Thanks: Sabo Studios
Special Thanks: Emily Bloom

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