14k Filled Seashell Earring
14k Filled Seashell Earring
14k Filled Seashell Earring

bungalow BLONDE | 14k Filled Seashell Earring

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Embrace the coastal-inspired allure with our Natural Seashell Gold-Filled Earrings, designed to elevate your style with a touch of beachy charm. These statement earrings perfectly capture the essence of carefree coastal living, making them an ideal choice for sun-soaked days and dining al fresco by the shore. Crafted with genuine seashells, each earring exudes the mesmerizing beauty of the ocean, evoking a sense of serenity and adventure. The delicate gold-filled accents add a hint of luxury, effortlessly complementing your breezy dresses and seaside ensembles. Handmade in California.



-14k Gold Filled 

-Natural Seashell




Our Gold-Filled items offer exceptional durability and high resistance to tarnishing, making them ideal for everyday wear and providing water resistance as well. The longevity of both gold-plated and gold-filled pieces depends on factors like wear, environment, and proper care. With attentive maintenance, gold-filled items can last a lifetime. However, it is recommended to refrain from wearing them in swimming pools or the ocean, as exposure to chlorine and saltwater may cause tarnishing. For cleaning, use warm water and a soft untreated cloth to preserve the gold's shine, and store them in a dry area.

Please handle and wear our delicate seashell earrings with care, as they can be susceptible to damage if dropped.

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