Lilac Preppy Soiree Mat
Lilac Preppy Soiree Mat

Oh My Mahjong | Lilac Preppy Soiree Mat

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Get ready to add a touch of cheeky charm to your game nights with the fabulous Lilac Preppy Soiree Mat! Picture this: an extravagant gathering infused with vibrant purples, hot pink, and navy. And fear not, my friend, we're keeping it cheeky and oh-so-chic!

Now, let's talk about this stylish mat. It's not just a pretty face, oh no! We've taken practicality to a whole new level. Those pesky Mahjong playing instructions? No worries! We've got them conveniently printed right on the mat. No more scratching your head trying to figure out the rules or the right tile arrangement. We've even gone the extra mile and included the secret joker rules and suite-dragons for those fiercely competitive players.

Comes folded in plastic in Oh My Mahjong signature box. Machine washable on high heat and tumble dry on high heat 

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